Jenna & Matthew – Hope, Idaho Wedding

Written by Jenn Alberts

October 5, 2020

Beautiful summer wedding lakeside in Hope, Idaho. Boats, sunsets, and beautiful flowers help create this beautiful wedding day.

In the middle of an unpredictable summer full of wedding plans turned upside down Jenna and Matthew were able to find their perfect wedding in Hope, Id. Earlier in the planning stages this all started out as a small lakeside wedding and grew into a larger plan and they moved the venue as the guest list grew. I’m guessing no bride or groom had a pandemic on their list of things that might happen on their wedding day. As things adjusted and guest lists dwindled to mostly just family there was disappointments felt from so many of my couples this summer. However something I started to hear a lot was “this was actually our original plan!”. There was a lot of creative ways dreamed up to include friends and family at a distance throughout my summer of weddings.

Check out the boat crew that showed up with a big banner! They waved hello’s and congratulations from the water. Along with a video stream of the ceremony and reception so many people were able to tune into this beautiful day in Idaho.

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