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Hello! I’m Jenn

Professional Photographer & Retoucher


I am a photographer and retoucher based in Spokane, WA. I specialize in photographing people and food! I am a runner and love hiking and the outdoors which makes Spokane a great home for me and my family. I have 20+ years experience in the photography industry from commercial to weddings to portraits.


Let Jenn Alberts Photo tell your story


Jenn delivers organic, intimate portraits, sophisticated, high quality photography that tells your story, creatively. Through her lens she captures memories, and brings your products to life. Jenn understands the importance of producing captivating, inspiring, and memorable illustrations to tell your story.


Refined expertise, delivered.

With a BA in Photography from the Brooks Institute of Photography and over 20 years of experience in commercial and lifestyle photography, Jenn has passionately provided creative solutions to clients including Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Disney, Apple, Microsoft, and countless others. 


High End Photo Retouching Service

Jenn is a leader in high end advertising retouching services. She built her expertise while working in Los Angeles and continues to work for clients around the world. Her technical expertise and meticulous attention to detail provide creative solutions to her clients.


Food Photography

Jenn finds joy in partnering with local businesses to create inviting, idyllic settings, depicting a lifestyle around food. She concentrates on quality, value and aesthetics to capture your story. Jenn loves expressing her creativity by working collaboratively with clients and chefs. She strategically plans the shoot from conception to completion. This includes food preparation, dishware and prop selection, and styling techniques.


Lifestyle Photography

Jenn is inspired by lifestyle commercial photography where she creatively utilizes her talents to depict a multitude of sceneries. She is able to proactively plan each shoot to create beauty from simple, organic lifestyles.  From a cozy log cabin on a snowy mountain, to the warmth of a tranquil yoga studio, Jenn accurately captures heartfelt moments that connect people to your brand. *

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